Role of E-government in Improving the Performance of Egyptian Civil Status Office during Covid 19 Pandemic

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Nevine Henry Wasef, Ayat Abdel Kader Abou Seeda


The purpose of this study is to know the Role of E-government in improving performance Egyptian Civil Status Office during covid-19 pandemic. The sampling method was used by selecting a simple random sample of workers in Egyptian Civil Status Office and the number of distributed forms reached (150) forms, (137) were retrieved from them. After examining the questionnaire forms, (12) forms were excluded because they were not fit for statistical analysis, so the number of valid forms that were used in the analysis reached 125. The main result is that there is statistically significant, positive correlation relationship between the performance of e-government in Egyptian Civil Status Office and the spread of covid-19 pandemic based on the original primary data collected and analyzed. The research recommends that the Egyptian government further utilize the application of e-government while raising citizens’ awareness of the importance of using e-public services as a major requirement for mainstreaming e-government throughout different territories.


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