Strategies for Strengthening Religious Culture at Students in Hindu Pasramans, Praya City, Central Lombok

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I Nyoman Murba Widana, L. Eka M. Julianingsih P.


This study aims to conduct a study the strategies applied in the context of strengthening religious culture that are focused on students through the non-formal education in the pasramans which were built by the Hindu community in Praya City, Central Lombok Regency. This phenomenon is closely related to efforts to strengthen Balinese cultural identity and Hindu religious practices starting from the younger generation at an early age and adolescents through education given to pasraman. The focus of the problem that is sought for answers is what is the background for the construction of the pasramans, how is the process of empowering the pasraman, and how is the strategy for internalizing religious culture for students of Hindu pasraman in Praya City. This research is designed in an interpretive qualitative type by using a case study model that occurs at the research site. This study resulted in three findings in response to the formulation of the problems posed. First, the background of the construction of the Hindu pasraman in Praya city is related to the provision of religious culture learning that has not been touched in student learning in formal school education. Second, the process of empowering the Hindu pasraman through the acceleration of learning tools along with the dynamics of the times, prioritizing the competence of human resources, and empowering the facilities and infrastructure used in the administration of pasraman education. Third, the strategy of internalizing religious cultural values in Hindu pasraman students through adapting the implementation of learning to the needs of mastering religious culture, human resource support, and weighting learning on aspects of increasing expertise through Hindu cultural practices.

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