Stress Management and Stress: A Review on Case Studies with Special Reference on India

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Kajal Srivastava, Dr. Mitu Mandal


The aim of the study is to review previous case studies related to stress and stress management in the Indian context. This study has selected cases by use of electronic data search and has also done a review analysis, like the aim of the study, What type of methodology is used, data analysis technique, findings, conclusion, and suggestions given by the researcher. These studies have been basically done in various kinds of workplaces, like industries, organizations, and institutions. I have found many paper searches by keyword but after the filter and I decided that I reviewed 13 case studies that were done in various Indian industries, institutions, and organizations of India from 2011 to 2022. Finally, I got some very common reasons for stress, which affected employee productivity and also affected their personal life.

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