The Effect Of Multi Micronutrients And Moorgan Capsules On Body Weight And Hemoglobin Levels Of Pregnant Women In Banggai District, Central Sulawesi

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Muhammad Lulu Rigalu Tenrisila, Veni Hadju, Abdul Salam, Healthy Hidayanti, Mushawwir Taiyeb, Masyitha Muis


The prevalence of anemia in pregnant women is still quite high. Anemia is one of the determinants of Maternal Mortality Rate. This study was conducted to assess the effect of multi-micronutrients and Moringa capsules on weight gain and the incidence of anemia in pregnant women. The research design was quasi-experimental, the study was conducted for two months, there were two groups, the intervention group was 37 people and the control group was 35 people. In the intervention group, the intervention was given with multi-micronutrients and Moringa capsules. For the control group, the intervention was given only with multi-micronutrients. The variables measured were body weight using an anthropometric tool and the hemoglobin level variable using the GCHb tool for blood sampling. Data analysis used the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test and the Mann Whitney Test. Results of the study is After being given an intervention for 60 days, the average increase in Hb levels in the two groups was different. The administration of multi-micronutrient vitamins and Moringa capsules on hemoglobin levels for the intervention group increased from 12.37 g/dL to 12.89 g/dL, for the control group, which was only given multi-micronutrients, decreased from 12.02 g/dL to 11.94 g/dL. In the weight variable, each group experienced an increase for the intervention group from 56.73 Kg to 61.45 Kg and the control group from 56.44 Kg to 60.96 Kg. There was a significant difference in the increase in Hb levels in the intervention group of pregnant women who consumed multi micronutrients and Moringa capsules, but the results of the different test of hemoglobin levels and body weight variables were not significant between the two intervention and control groups.

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