The Effect Of Age, Working Period, Work Position And Whole-Body Vibration On Fatigue On The Impact Of Lower Back Pain On Heavy Equipment Operators In Makassar New Port Development

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Andi Yepita Deviyanti, Atjo Wahyu, Yahya Thamrin, Lalu Muhammad Saleh, Stang, Wahiduddin


Diseases that arise due to work relationships are diseases related to work factors that have a role together with other factors in the development of the disease, one of which is complaints of low back pain. This study aims to determine the effect of age, working period, working position and whole body vibration on fatigue impact on low back pain on heavy equipment operators Makassar New Port construction in 2022. This research is a quantitative research with analytical observational design and cross sectional approach. The population is heavy equipment operators with a total of 32 people and the sampling technique used is exhaustive sampling. The data collection instruments were whole body vibration, reaction timer, rapid entire body assessment (REBA), oswestry disability index (ODI) questionnaire, interviews and observations. Data analysis in this study is using path analysis. The results of the path analysis showed that there was a direct effect of age (p=0,000) and work position (p=0,009) on low back pain and there was an indirect effect of whole body vibration on low back pain (p=0,029). Meanwhile, working period showed no direct and indirect effect on low back pain. Therefore, the company should adjust the work based on the age and physical ability of heavy equipment operators and improve the quality of ergonomics training.

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