Merger And Acquisition: A Study On Impact Of M And An On Customers Of Public Sector Banks With Reference To Bengaluru City

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Prof. Nagesh B , Dr. Sunil M Rashinkar


The researcher examined mergers and acquisitions of banking industries in India following independence. Mergers and acquisitions are recognised as crucial to a company's success. M&A benefits greatly improve and support long-term growth strategies. The study adopted a descriptive research method to determine the influence of merger and acquisition on public sector bank customer satisfaction. Two elements have been studied in order to identify the impact of merger and acquisition as well as customer satisfaction as a result of merger and acquisition. According to the findings, the 14 IMAPSB elements have been factored into two separate factors: Enhancement and Growth Factor and Innovation and Goodwill Factor. Most of the time mergers and acquisition brings the synergy to the Indian banks.

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