Nexus Between Smart E-Business and Management Information System: Information System For Innovative Marketing and Sales

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Dr. Richa Arora


In recent years, the growth of e-commerce-based enterprises has led to the development of a new
era of rural economy in China. This article builds a business network, a scalable analytics
framework based on big data from intelligent information systems for the year 2007-2016.
Geoffrey, social media analysis software, was used to analyze the data. The result is: First,
emerging online stores with a medium to high degree of centralization that specialize in network
assets and strengths have a strong business demonstration effect compared to other incumbent
stores. Second, the number of stores with a strong relationship has increased, the corporate network
has gradually divided the mutual functions, strengthened the community structure of the corporate
network, optimized the quality of the division and the efficiency of the transmission and
commercial network. The "family" network in the corporate network is a distinguishing feature of
corporate implementation. Third, the density of Lennon's retail network has decreased significantly,
which could encourage access to conflicting resources for stores selling the same farm produce to
generate long-term growth in the future.

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