Authentic Learning For Health Professions’ Education- A Review

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Dr. Santhiya K and Dr. Brundha M. P


An authentic learning experience emphasizes conceptual and creative learning by students that helps them retain knowledge. This method is employed by many coaching institutes (e.g. Marrow) in order to explain concepts visually. It is found that their students have a greater conceptual understanding, and a higher level of cognitive ability. A medical institution must practice authentic learning methods not only to help their students excel in academics, but also to produce quality doctors. As part of authentic learning, students engage in collaboration, role playing, small group discussions, attitude ethics and communication, problem-based learning, clinical reasoning and reflective learning, OSCE, etc. The future of learning is authentic learning, as it prepares students for the adult world which is more complex, and helps them solve real world problems creatively and collaboratively. This review is briefly explaining about advantages, need and implementation of authentic learning in medical schools.

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