Education And Development: An Analysis Of Rural Tribal Women With Special Reference To Sivasagar District, Assam

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Prostuti Gogoi


The researcher has conducted a study on Education and Development:  An analysis of rural tribal women with special reference to Sivasagar district, Assam with the sample of 10 households of four villages in Sibsagar district. The size of the sample was 137 tribal women. The tools are used for data collection were questionnaire, interview, self evaluation, observation technique etc. The researcher prepared a self structured questionnaire to collect the data from the respondents and it analysed in a tabulate form. In this paper the study has been done on the present educational status of tribal women along with the role women in socio- economic development. As we know the tribal women are very hard worker and are experts in many fields like agriculture, piggery, poultry, weaving and fishing etc. They are playing a significant role in the income sustenance of their families. So in this perspective education is crucial for the improvement of the tribal communities. It can help them to bring the change to a better society.

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