ICT Carving A Way Towards Evolution Of Satya-Yuga: A Conceptual And Focus Group Exploration In Societal Perspective

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Dr. Mital S. Bhayani , Dr. Vinod R. Malkar , Dr. Ritesh K. Patel , Dr. Shamrao P. Ghodake , Ms. Pooja S. Kawle


This paper intends to explore the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in promoting ethical human behavior.  Hindu mythological and spiritual literature exhibits that human ethical behavior and value system are observed to be shifting according to the cosmic age of the world. Hindu texts describe the phenomenon of four yugas (eras) which reoccurs in the cycles and observes the shifts in human values and ethical behavior. The yuga (era) in which human actions were highly ethical was Satyayuga (The Era of Truth). The driving force for this value driven behavior, was their inclination towards spiritual and religious practices. It was the inclination towards supreme power in the world, conscience and faith, which guided human actions and behavior. The paper proposes that technological progression tracks the human actions in today’s world and subsequently plays a role in driving human behavior towards righteousness and ethical behavior in turn. To be precise the paper focuses on whether technology has a power and capabilities to bring ethical behavior and good governance in society, similar to the way it was widely present during the edges of Stayayuga. The current study used focused group interview technique with different group of experts and common citizens to test the preposition of whether a technology is leading humanity towards Dharma “The righteousness”, that was a preponderant trait among humans during the ages of Satya-yuga.


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