Willingness To Communicate (Wtc) And Its Relationship With Social Intelligence (SI) And Gender Differences

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Dr. Hassan Saleem Alqurashi


This research investigates the relationship between willingness to communicate, social intelligence and gender differences among EFL students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It mainly examines the effect of social intelligence and gender differences on the study sample's willingness to communicate. Moreover, it empirically analyzes the relationship between the study variables. That is, this study embodies regression analysis and other statistical analysis to examine the data collected from 100 male and female students of various age groups from educational institutions in the KSA. A convenience sampling selection technique was used. Moreover, the findings show a positive correlation between SI and WtC for both genders. The regression statistics revealed that there is no obvious difference across gender. Moreover, the findings confirm that there is no significant difference between these relationships across gender.

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