Teacher's Readiness For Innovation Through Practical Application Of New Approaches In The Updated Content Of Education

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Ali Rizashakh , Surovtskaya Yuliya , Khoroshev Alexandr , Kulambaeva Kambat , Sadykova Aigul , BekenovaDinara


The objectives  of this paper is to confirm the effectiveness of practical application of the  Cambridge three-level program  for   the  further  teachers'  training in the context of the teacher's readiness to innovation in the updated content  of education. The introduction of the theoretical model  created  by us into a educational process has made it possible to increase the level of the creative, projective components of teacher's readiness for innovative activity. It's reflected in the productive nature of the educational  students' achievements and activation of cognitive  activity. The conducted  research  proved  the didactic  value of practical application  this program  on the learning motivation in the context of teacher's  readiness for  innovative activity. The positive impact of the practical implementation of  this   program  has been empirically confirmed .on the learning  students'  motivation.

It has been established that the implementation of the  Cambridge three-level program  is methodically accessible and  has a positive effect on the motivational sphere of both teachers and students, which affects the effectiveness of the  educational process. Theoretical and  practical knowledge  helped  to transform  teaching  style,.a change in a teacher’s attitude and work style takes place in a collaborative environment, corresponding to the direction of changes in thinking, teaching style and expansion of his methodological arsenal.

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