The Quality Of Human Resources And The Scientific Culture Issue Post-Pandemic Covid-19 (A Case Study In Indonesia)

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Frans Salesman , Marianus M. Tapung


This study is to analyse the condition of the quality of Indonesian people in relation to the transformation of the scientific culture of the millennial generation based on digital technology. Its method is the combination of meta-analysis and systematic literature review. The results are shown on the quality of Indonesian human resources with HCI 0.54, IQ 78.49, literacy ranking 62 out of 70 countries requires an extra strategy of adding technology skills to be able to manage technological disruption and collaborate with Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and the Internet of Things, solving social problems in the industrial revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 concerning on the era of Y and Z generations. The conclusion of this study is that entering the millennial era requires a transformation of scientific culture from conventional to modern based on digital technology. Strengthening human quality is a top priority in the post-covid-19 era, in the form of; patching the degradation of human quality that has been going on since before the Covid-19 pandemic, and increasing the competitive and comparative competitiveness of human resources in order to be able to master science and technology.

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