Literature Study Building Character Education Through Novel

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Rahmad Hidayat , Irwan Fathurrochman


Indonesia is currently experiencing a moral decline because some teenagers commit immoral acts. These actions are expected to be immediately eliminated by re-instilling character education. It can be done in various ways, one of which is through literary works, or novels to be more precise. The values ​​of character education in a novel are expected to be role models for today's youth through the attitudes and actions of fictional characters. Objectives: To find various ways to instill character education values ​​into students through novels. A systematic review through a review of journal articles on character education through novels to describe and explain character education in the content of the novel. Data collection through various types of articles is accessed from the databases of Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, and many other article search engines. This systematic review shows that the inculcation of character education values ​​through novels for teenagers can now be carried out optimally. The attitudes, actions, and stories of each fictional character bring out the values ​​of character education for students. Conclusion: the results of the study contained messages contained in each novel to be used as a medium of learning for adolescents both in the family, school, community environment.

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