The Kitchen: An Assessment Of The Sir Arnold Wesker’s Play In The Light Of Kitchen Sink Drama

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Rajesh Sandil


The Kitchen Sink Drama emerged at the surface of British Theatre in the mid of 1950s when nothing ground-breaking was taking place in the British dramatic landscape. The writers of such plays concentrated upon the issues of lower-middle class and particularly they were concerned with the exploitation of the dissatisfied youth. The play entitled “The Kitchen” by Sir Arnold Wesker is regarded as his first play which has some auto-biographical elements in it as Wesker also worked as a pastry cook for four years. The play revolves around the theme of betrayal, love, jealousy and anger and gives an account of a whole day about the lives of the kitchen workers. At last the central motif of the play emerges out that how a positive attitude of mankind is destroyed by the industrialization of the society. The extreme work pressure changes the human side of a person into a brutal and machine-like with zero feelings and emotions left.

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