The Image Of The Iraqi Government Among The Public Of The Kurdistan Region Through Kurdish Satellite Tv

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Sundos Abdul Alwahhab Hassein , Prof. Dr. Ammar Taher Mohammed


This study aims to know the image of the federal government among the audience of the Kurdistan region in the Kurdish-speaking satellite channels, Through processing in its newsletter, the research community has included urban and rural areas in the governorates of the Kurdistan Region (Erbil - Suleimaniyya - Duhok). The sample was selected in the sample method (intentional) on those who follow the news of the federal government in the news bulletins in the Kurdish judicial channels, and the study reached a number of conclusions. It includes that the audience of Kurdish satellite channels is mainly interested in news bulletins on (economic topics), and the audience of satellite channels feels (sadness) and (frustration) because of (spread corruption), The public is also mainly interested (launching the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region), and the public believes that the relationship between the KRG and the federal government is not positive due to the crises between the two governments.

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