The Impact Of Fake News On International News Sites On Iraqi Public Opinion

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Alaa Haider Khudair Muhammad , Dr. Saad Kazem Hassan


The research deals with the topic of "The Impact of Fake News on International News Sites on Iraqi Public Opinion", a research extracted from a PhD thesis.

The research dealt with the fake news published on international news sites to which the Iraqi public is exposed, and the search for the possibility of this news replacing the real news, and then the possibility of influencing the process of public opinion-making and formation, which casts a shadow on the decision-making process as a result of exposure to this news. counterfeit and the potential to result in certain reactions.

The research also aims to know the most prevalent fake news on international news sites, and to indicate the strategy of addressing this news by the Iraqi public, and to prevent its impact on other groups of society, using the descriptive approach and using the electronic questionnaire tool to know the opinions of respondents from the Iraqi public about the fake news that they are exposed to. It was conducted through international news websites using axes prepared for this purpose, which were prepared after the researcher used a number of refereed media professors known for their expertise and specialization in media research methods, to determine the appropriateness of the paragraphs of the standard used in the form.

After extracting the results, the researcher has identified a number of results related to the types of exposure by the Iraqi public to fake news and the extent to which public opinion is affected by these news on decision-making and trends.

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