Factors Affecting Stress Under Covid-19 Pandemic Among Older Adults In Ethnic Group

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Pornpavee Khamluang , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supaporn Sudnongbua


Stress among the elderly remains a major public health problem, especially among ethnic elderly people in Thailand due to rapid social changes as well as the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Rural areas in Thailand experience stress, which has a significant impact on the mental health and livelihoods of residents. This cross-sectional study aimed to examine the factors affecting stress under Covid-19 outbreak among Tai Lue elderly people with a total of 334 samples. Data were analyzed by quantitative statistics and multiple regression analysis. With respect to multiple linear regression, it was found that psychological factor (β = 5.005, p < 0.000), social support factor (β = -2.899, p < 0.007), income factor (β = 3.049, p = 0.019), gender factor (β = -2.561, p = 0.049) significantly predicted factors influencing stress among the Tai Lue elders. The overall multiple regression was statistically significant (R2 = 0.148, Adjusted R2 = 0.138, F (1, 325) = 3.910, p = 0.49). Regarding recommendation, health care workers need to provide care for the ethnic elderly people, not only physical care but also mental care due to Covid-19 situation. Also, psychological factors as well as social support has become major factors during global economic crisis and the global pandemic. Therefore, the stress of the ethnic elders should be concerned and assessed to plan a stress management model for treating them and preventing those who are at risk from getting stress.

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