A Causal Relationship Model Of Factor Affecting The Wealth Creation Of Digital Asset Investment In Thailand

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Petcharaporn Chatchawanchanchanakij


The objectives of this research were 1.) to study the level of opinion of Millennials investors towards wealth creation in digital asset investment and 2) to analyze the causal factors affecting wealth creation in digital asset investment. The population and samples in the research were Millennials who are investors in digital assets in Thailand using Cochran’s cohort method for totaling 385 persons. The quality-tested questionnaire was used as a research tool. The statistics used in the research consisted of descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and inferential statistics including multiple regression analysis. The research results revealed that the opinion level of investment factors in information, market risk perception, security economic factors and networking wealth creation had the highest mean. The results of hypothesis testing revealed that the causal factors consisted of investment factor (X1), risk perception factor (X2), and economic factor (X3) together predicting (R2) for 49.8% at the statistical significance level of 0.05.

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