Knowledge Management As A Determinant Of Organizational Agility In The Moroccan Public Hospital

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Ikram Boudallaa , Salmane Bourekkadi , Rachid Elkachradi And Abdillah Kadouri


Today, the environment of the hospital system in Morocco and worldwide is facing many changes and challenges. It is evolving in a context of environmental fluctuations, as the recent pandemic crisis has demonstrated. This unstable context is becoming difficult given the scarcity of resources and accelerated innovation where knowledge and technologies are exploding and becoming more complex, requiring a great deal of control. The public hospital must transform its management to respond adequately to current challenges. In this sense, a learning and agile public hospital will be a strategic and organizational response to react quickly to provide care and education to its patients. From this perspective, our research aims to answer the following question: "what is the importance of knowledge management within the Moroccan public hospital to enable it to be more agile to ensure care and education to its patients? Based on a synthetic review of the literature, this work sheds light on the importance for the public hospital to better manage its knowledge and to have to look more closely at the issue of learning from its environment but also from its own experiences, which are so rich and multiple, to evolve towards an agile and learning hospital.

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