Different Treatment Modalities Of Thumb Sucking Habit- A Case Series

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Dr. Sanika Gokhale , Dr. Sanket Kunte , Dr. Krishna Patil , Dr. Rohan Shah , Dr. Laxmi Lakade & Dr. Shweta Chaudhary


Statement of problem: Oral habits beyond the age of 5 years have a serious implication on the developing dentition. Thumb sucking happens to be one of the most common and often neglected oral habits. Children are not treated at the right time for thumb sucking causing a myriad of other complexities such as malocclusion in later stages of life.

Materials and method: In this Case series three patients of age 7 years having thumb sucking habits were treated using different treatment modalities. The treatments included Dunlop’s Beta Hypothesis, a removable appliance, and a fixed appliance.

Results: in the following case series, fixed appliance showed the maximum benefit while Dunlop’s Beta Hypothesis showed the least.

Conclusion: Based on the child’s psychology, social behavior, and economic status, one could come to a conclusion regarding the treatment modality to be used. In the current series, fixed appliance showed the best results

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