The Initial Investigation of Mathematical Anxiety & Phobia: It’s Solution in Middle School Students

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Neelofar , Yogendra Kumar Rajoria , Islam Alsaraireh , Rahul Boadh


Mathematical anxiety, commonly referred to as simply "Math Phobia," is indeed an anxiety about not being able to do math in a variety of households and middle schools. Math anxiety stems from various factors. In recent years, many psychological and educational researchers have focused on math anxiety. Mathematics anxiety and phobia are broad terms which include a wide variety of symptoms and behaviors. Besides that, in many ways, mathematics anxiety is simple to describe and define: it is the anxiety that some people experience when faced with mathematical problems. The aim of this research is to measure the level of mathematical anxiety among middle school students. Based on the correlation and standard deviation, we implemented two groups of twenty middle school students in Delhi to explore a teaching approach to diminish math phobia amongst middle school students. This study advocated that the level of mathematics anxiety among middle school students was interpreted as moderate anxiety.

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