Biosynthesis And New Technique For The Formulation Of Hair Growth Shampoo

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J.Santhi Priya , B.Nagapallavi , B.Usharani , B.Simhachalam , Y.Srikanthreddy


Presently the entire world is endeavouring to return towards the natural herbal materials through it has a no some other side effects towards ailments. We are utilizing manufactured items for our hair, losing their magnificence, quality, strength, volume and shine. Every single manufactured item like cleanser contains a destructive substance which is in charge of damage of hair.  Herbal shampoo (HS) is the only product which used for hair washing and also used for hair remedy on hair problem. In recent study herbal HS (HS) has remarkable properties toward hairs.   In first section contain, herbal extract prepared by mixture of amla, hibiscus flower powder, shikakai, aloe vera, and some Ingredients. Herbal extract take an amla, hibiscus leaf powder, shikakai,  all in dried form in a beaker. and sieve the powders obtained fine powder form. For their transparency add some apple cider vinegar in it, followed by mixing up to colour. In second section beaker contains SLS, citric acid, agar agar and sodium benzoate everyone followed by stirring gradually, Herb extract with apple cider vinegar  is stir gradually due to avoid foaming. Preservative like sodium benzoate, . Pour an Aloe vera in it, , makeup with water in it for small proportion, increasing a thickness  obtained product HS. The formed HS is thick brown in colour, with great foam producing ability and fluidity. The pH of HS is between 6-7 at 250C RT, formed HS is acidic in nature which is good quality. Percentage of solid contents of HS is 0.05g after dry. The cleansing action of the formed HS is 15.1. Dirt dispersion of formed HS is light. In 1% of HS it gives 46ml froth. All these are these characters demonstrates that the herbal HS is high quality for usable in daily life.

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