Language And Cultural For Being Teacher Class Inventory For Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities Of Graduate Students In University

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Prasong Saihong , Chumpol Chanthala and Toansakul Tony Santiboon


The aims of this research study were to assess the Language and Cultural for Being Teacher (LCBT) classroom learning environment inventory, and to associate students’ perceptions of their LCBT and their creative thinking abilities with a sample size consisting of 31 Master of Science Education students in Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University with purposive random sampling technique was selected. Students’ perceptions of their LCBT class were assessed with the 25-item My Class Inventory (MCI), which contains five scales; each scale composes 5 items, namely; Satisfaction, Friction, Competitiveness, Difficulty, and Cohesiveness scales. Students’ responses to their creative thinking were assessed with the Creative Thinking Ability Questionnaire (CTAQ) in 24 items that contained four scales, namely; Originality, Flexibility, Fluency, and Elaboration. Statistically significant was analyzed with Cronbach Alpha reliability to check the quality of these instruments, and validation and reliability were assessed with Factor loading analysis and intercorrelation circumflex nature scales. Using mean scores of the MCI and CTAQ were associated between students’ perceptions in LCBT class and enhancement of students’ creative thinking with simple and multiple correlations, multiple regression, and determination efficient predictive value (R2) were analyzed. The results of these findings have found that: Two of the MCI and CTAQ are validated and reliable. Most of the items of the MCI and the CTAQ values are higher than 0.30 and omitted, significantly. Scale intercorrelation circumflex nature for the MCI and CTAQ are confirmed. Associations between of their Language and Cultural for Being Teacher classroom learning environment inventory and their creative thinking abilities in four scales were associated. The R2 value indicates that 33% of the variance in students’ creative thinking abilities to their perceptions of their Language and Cultural for Being Teacher course toward learning environment inventory Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, relatively.

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