Effectiveness Of Chicken Manure And Lime On Growth And Productivity Of Hot Chilli

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Nguyen Van Chuong , Ho Xuan Nghiep


Results of this study could be concluded that co-application of lime, chicken manure and NPK, which brought the high yield of hot chilli is one of the commercial high value crops in An Giang. It is called as the universal spice of Vietnam, since it is cultivated in almost all the districts. It is commercially important for the two qualities, the red colour due to the pigment capsanthin and the biting taste due to the chemical constituent capsaicin. Chilli crop requires a balanced fertilizer management without which growth and development of the crop will be impaired leading to substantial reduction not only in yield but also in the market appeal of the produce namely the colour and quality of the dry chilli. Hence, the present study was carried out to find out effects of chicken manure, lime and NPK along with various treatments on the growth, yield and quality improvement of chilli. This study was found that growth and yield of chilli were significantly influenced by different treatment combinations. Among the treatments, application of 0.5 tons CaCO3 per ha associatedion with 2.0 t chicken manune per ha + NPK, which had the highest growth characters such as the plant height, number of tillers and leaves per plant. On the other hand, yield of chilli fresh that was 14, 8 tons per ha had the highest value comparison with other treatments and inorganic fertilizers along with 0.5 tons CaCO3 per ha could increase the growth and yield of hot chilli.

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