Women Health And Sanitation Issues In Delhi Slums, Case Study Of Harijan Camp

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Pl. Arundhati Mishra , Ar. Shagufta Irshad


Delhi is the capital of India and is considered as one of the most urbanized states of the nation. There are tremendous opportunities for employment and livelihood in this capital of the country. Due to this reason, people from rural areas all over the country are forced to migrate to this state in search of jobs and livelihood. This has created a pressure on the living conditions of this state. This paper will be focusing on the development of squatter settlements in Delhi slums. The living condition, health and sanitation practices will be the major area of research in this study and it also focuses on health, sanitation and security problems and its negative effects on the female population of these settlements. One of the very old settlements in the JJ clusters of Delhi state is the Harijan camp. This paper will be aimed at focusing the consequences of worst conditions of livelihood and standard of living in context with the female population of this place.

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