Evaluation Of Learning Environment, Approach To Learning, And Learning Outcomes In Indonesian University Context

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Sahat Maruli , Lisbeth Laora Silitonga and Haholongan Simanjuntak


Evaluation of the learning environment during a pandemic is necessary to manage valuable lessons from global disruptions. The learning environment is critical because it affects approach and learning outcomes. A deep learning approach for students must continue to be built to produce generic skills and student satisfaction. This research was conducted at Prima Indonesia University in nursing education. Participants were divided into 2: Group 1, which started the course with purely online classes, and Group 2, which moved the course mode from face-to-face to entirely online UNPRI. Descriptive quantitative research methods with survey techniques were carried out in this study. The instruments were adapted from the Course Experience Questionnaire and the Study Process Questionnaire. The number of students who submitted a questionnaire was 68.5% which could describe the overall characteristics of students. The data was processed using the Structural Equation Modeling method. This study shows different experiences between groups in Appropriate Workload and Generic Skills. Group 2 experienced a reasonably heavy workload, and most generic skills were relatively high. This study did not find any relationship between Workload following learning outcomes. Appropriate Workload correlates with Good Teaching and Deep Approach to Learning. So Appropriate Workload has the opportunity to be increased immediately by increasing the capacity of the staff. The researchers recommend reviewing the curriculum and improving the staff's ability in student-centered learning. In addition, this study also has implications for further research.

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