Into The Wild, Eat Pray Love: Coddiwomple Pursuit For Transcendental Verity Of Life

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Agnisri.S , Dr.S.V.Karthiga


Disappearing into the wild to discover peace ironically reverberate the mechanized modern civilization’s conscious to escape from reality into spiritual tranquility. Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, the adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book of the same title which in turn grounds on Chris McCandless’s autobiographical record, Death of an Innocent serves the concrete evidence of man’s exceeding search to figure the truth in righteousness. Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray, Love: One Women Searching for Everything across Italy, India and Indonesia is yet another record of celebrating transcendental vagabond. Regardless of the time difference in origin of the select works to that of the present, the in-between decades amplified the ethos of diplomatic nomadism. The paper aims at scrutinizing the modern man’s search for transcendental realm of life through the means of travel with no destination but motive on studying the chosen cases with regard to select Travel Motivation Theories of Iso-Ahola, along with Jamal and Lee (2003), Yoon and Yusal (2005) with added record of respective conscious in regard to national travel reports of India.

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