Changing Political Landscape in State Assembly Elections of Uttar Pradesh

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Kamal Kumar


Uttar Pradesh is politically important and state Assembly elections are likely to influence the national politics. There has been significant rise of Bhartiya Janta Party while Indian National Congress has shrieked over the period. The other major political parties of the state  are Bahujan Samaj Party  and Samajwadi Party  performed well  during the last elections  however, these parties could not significantly  gained politically in the state Assembly election of 2017. In the election of 2022, all these parties tried their best with new political zeal and approaches. The results of State Assembly elections  clear cut indicated massive victory of  BJP  and  sharp decline of the political performance of Indian National Congress and  BSP, however, Samajwadi Party  could maintained its significant presence  due to  collation with  small regional parties. Against this backdrop, present paper attempts to examine the emerging issues and changing political landscape in the state assembly election of Uttar Pradesh.

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