The Personal Traits Of Those Who Commit Sexual Crimes In The Palestinian Society According To ‘Eisnik’ Measure

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Dr. Kifah Mohammad Manasra , Dr. Amer Shehadeh , Dr. Nader Shawamreh


The present study aimed to know the personal traits according to ‘Eisnik Measure’ on those who commit sexual crimes in the Palestinian society who are inmates of the Palestinian reform and rehabilitation centres (West Bank( according to its three domains : extroversion, introversion , equanimity , emotion and lying which was standardized by (Abu-Asa’ad,2015). To achieve this aim, the descriptive analytical methodology was used on a sample consisting of (37) criminals who were chosen in an intentional way from the population of the study. After collecting and analysing the data, the results showed that the total degree in the domain of extroversion was high whereby it amounted to (1.56), and to the nonexistence of an emotional equanimity whereby the total degree was (1.44). The total degree of the test of the domain of lying was high with a proportion of (1.49). The results were interpreted and the study showed a number of recommendations.

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