Stone Detection In Kidney With Image Processing Technique: CT Images

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Felix Alberto Caycho Valencia , Juan José Augusto Moyano Muñoz , Flor María Jaramillo Montaño


In this investigation, a deep analysis of stone detection in kidneys with image processing techniques using CT images was examined. This is one of the important issues over the world to detect the proper location of stone throughout the kidney. In the human system, two kidneys play an important role in purifying water and recycling it. In this research four stages were examined image preprocessing using median filter, segmentation with k- mean clustering algorithm, detection of kidney stone, and classification. Data collected around 40 patients from the hospital using a CT scanning machine, which diagnosis kidney stone diseases. This research explores the advanced technique to detect boundary, segmented area, and enhance detection of stone location from the kidney. This investigation helps in identifying the location of stone based on pixels. It also identifies the number of patients facing problems with the stone. The investigation shows this research has 92.5% accuracy with an effective stone detection technique.

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