A Study On Role Of ICT In The Skills Development Of Engineering Students

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Dr. Nitin Kalla , Dr. Bharati Pujari , Dr. Hemant Kumar


Current era is the era of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and skill development. ICT has basically modified the exercise and tactics of all varieties of endeavors inside business, society, governance. In emerging countries like India, the demand for qualified engineers is increasing. To meet the growing demand for skilled workers, there is an urgent need for skills in the formal education system and, at the same time, for skills development outside the formal education system. To bridge this gap, a balance must be maintained between basic theory teaching and actual job contact for students. ICT has transformed the way of learning among the students as compare to the traditional methods. So considering the need of an hour engagement of ICT is witnessed in all the area of higher education. The research attempts to analyze the role of ICT in skill development among engineering students. Three skills have been identified i.e problem-solving skills, Digital skills & Research skills. The study has been conducted on 152 respondents from the different areas of Raipur, Durg- Bhilai city by using a questionnaire. After data collection, it is analyzed using T-Test and One way Annova. The finding provides that ICT plays an important role in the skill development of engineering students.

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