A Survey On Iot Health Parameters Monitoring System

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G Bhaskar Phani Ram , Dr.T.Shankar


We are concerned with the development of internet technologies and how those technologies connect to machines. The development of technology has greatly benefited human life by simplifying and improving processes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in many aspects of daily life, including smart homes, cities, the environment, agricultural fields, and medical fields. Nowadays, a lot of people who work full-time struggle to keep an eye on their loved ones, especially elderly patients. Therefore, we are adopting this IoT-based patient health monitoring system to solve this problem. The user can monitor their loved ones with the aid of sensor technologies, a microcontroller, and a Wi-Fi module. By employing this approach, those persons who are typically unable to talk can communicate. When there is no one available to care for the patient, this system monitors the situation and notifies the appropriate authorities by sending a message through WiFi. When a patient is receiving frequent check-ups or long-term home care, the module provides the patients with the possibility for all-day service, which may be recorded by the doctor and can receive a notification in any instance of emergency.

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