A I Virtual Mouse (Using Hand Gestures And Deep Learning)

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Mr. Gangireddy Prabhakar Reddy , Chirag Samal , Stephen Siril J , Patha Vandana , Bommalla Manoj


The Physical Mouse is a mind-blowing Invention withinside the realm of Human - Computer Interaction (HCI) . In this new fact wherein the Technology is Developing Rapidly , the usage of the mouse has created like for instance , Virtual Mouse , far flung mouse and get in touch with much less mouse. In view of the hand motions, the computer is probably managed quite a great deal and will carry out left click, proper snap, searching over works, and PC pointer functionality at the same time as now no longer the usage of the real mouse. The recipe relies upon on profound gaining knowledge of for identity the hands. Consequently, the projected framework can avoid COVID-19 unfurl thru dispensing with the human intercession and reliance of devices to address the PC.

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