Generational Differences In Employee’s Attitude And Job Satisfaction: A Literature Review

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Tamanna Mahapatra , Dr. Tushar Kanta Pany


The requirement for profound examination on multi-generational labour force occupied with various associations has become eye-getting theme for the analysts in recent past. Each association has its own vision and mission which should be accomplished with successful technique plan and execution. The association with its able labour force can accomplish its ideal position in the ferocious rivalry. The labour force alludes to workforce or staff working in the association which comprises of representatives from various age, sex, race, religion, identity and culture. More investigations have been done based on variety to identity and sexual orientation. Quite possibly the most overwhelming variety challenge is Generational Diversity which regularly goes disregarded and unaddressed. Broadening of labour force based on age is viewed as "Age Diversified Workforce" or "Multi-Generational Workforce". In straightforward sense multi-generational Workforce comprises of expanded ages who are working in a typical hierarchical set-up. The present labour force comprises of five unique ages and they are: Conservatives, Baby-Boomers, Gen-X, and Gen-Y and Gen-Z. As ages are extraordinary there is contrast in conduct, demeanour, character, competency, qualities, convictions and works experience. Every one of these attributes fluctuate based on Generational Cohorts which make a colossal hole across ages. Generational variety is the business need as it gives upper hand to associations with wide scope of competency and experience. Henceforth, it is trying to manage multi-generational labour force successfully.

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