Creative Tourism Development For Cultural Tourism Village At The Stagnation Stage

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Niramol Promnil


Community based-tourism (CBT) is as other forms of tourism that generally gone through a tourism area life cycle (TALC). In each stage of the life cycle, the destination undergoes a series of changes in social, environmental and economic, and thus the CBT initiatives need to prepare for those changes in each stage. This paper explores how to adapt creative tourism concept to develop cultural tourism villages at the stagnation stage. By applying a participatory action research with one cultural tourism community site in northern Thailand, this paper asserts that at the stagnation stage of development, creative tourism activity should be based on the local culture with unique and auspicious characteristic, aesthetic, functional purposes, and simplicity. We note that an experiential learning approach is one available method for local creator development in the stagnation stage. Moreover, reliability and compliance with suggestions from the leaders are considered as the key factor of creativity development. The main limitation and recommendation are provided in this paper.

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