A Study On Problems Faced By Milk Producers In Tamilnadu

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M.Tamila and Dr. D. Joel Edwinraj


India is one of the world's leading producers of milk and milk products. Milk production in the country climbed from approximately 20 million tonnes in the 1960s to 121.50 million tonnes in 2011. The availability per capita (281g/day in 2010-11) is nearly equivalent to the 280g/day need. In the last ten years, the state has ranked eighth to ninth in the country in overall milk output. The purpose of this research is to determine "The Problem Facing Milk Producers in Tamilnadu." The following precise objectives are set forth to investigate the characteristics of milk producers in the research region. To investigate the issues that milk farmers in the study area confront. To determine the milk producers' capital requirements in the research area. In Tamilnadu, 200 milk producing respondents were recruited for the study. Techniques of convenience sampling were applied. The population being lawful and the project being first divided, these specific tactics were chosen. The number of people that responded was 200. The majority of the material comes from the study's original data. Percentage, Chi-Square test, F-Test, and Correlation were used to interpret and analyse the data. The sample of 200 questionnaires was obtained using a suitable sampling procedure, and the full analysis is clearly laid out using pie diagram charts and graphs at relevant locations. Tamilnadu was the location of the research. The research was carried out from June 2021 to July 2021. If a competent mechanism is not in place to handle this issue, the majority of government efforts for the welfare of rural people would fail. To fulfil the increased demand, milk production challenges must be addressed in a serious and long-term manner. In Tamilnadu, the difficulties of milk marketing and livelihood are substantial, and remedial measures should be done to address them.

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