Analaysis On Scientific Temper And Academic Achievements Among Research Scholars In Management Studies Discipline

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Scientific temper integrates the way we live, process our mind, ability to think and interact with the society. It is the ability of an individual to associate with things.The person endowed with scientific temper is transparent, and question-seeking.Such mind will always expect and believe truth. The individual will accept it only when it is proved. A society with a scientific temper is always on the path of development. This research paper's main objective is to investigate doctoral research scholars' scientific temper and academic achievements in the management studies discipline. With the help of the inventory developed by Nadeem andWani the primary data is captured.One hundred research scholars were selected, covering four universities in Tamilnadu, India. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics helps to measure the problem researched. The sample comprises of 69 male and 31 femaleand urban population 60, whereas rural population 41. Comparative analysis helps carry out the constructs to measurescientific temper which includes a total of five constructs. The researcher tests the relationship between academic achievements and scientific temper among urban and rural students among gender. The results show that curiosity and rationality dimensions are significant with respect to academic achievement of research scholars. There is a significant relationship between scientific temper dimensions like open-mindedness, objectivity, rationality, and superstition among rural and urban students. The study's outcome is that the implementation of New Education Policy -2020 (NEP-2020) will undoubtedly improve the scientific temperament among students at school levels by including critical thinking, design thinking, and the introduction of an interdisciplinary curriculum.           

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