Effect Of Universal Human Values On Male Prisoners At Mandoli Central Jail, Delhi, India

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Manoj Kumar Gupta , Dr. Manish Tiwari


A natural human desire for fearlessness in the society may be fulfilled by awakening human values in the entire humankind. The efforts have been taking to ensure the fear free society for ages. Due to lack of value based education, the criminal activities have been taking place in the society and increasing day by day. In this regard, the descriptive study with primary data method held on 163 male convicted prisoners which cover 26 per cent of Universe. The study aims to investigate the effect of universal human value (UHV) education, basic reasons behind crimes, and possible solutions for reformation and rehabilitation of male convicted prisoners. Although, the government and many social welfare organizations, have been working with several models from long time for reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners. But this study also may evolve a solution through Universal human value education to ensure right understanding in the mind of prisoners for stress free and happy living. The education of Universal human values through the process of self-exploration may leads to right understanding and right feelings in prisoners and may cause for significant reduction in feeling of opposition and stress in male prisoners. The result analysis shows 20.25 per cent positive effect of Universal human value education on the mind and behaviour of prisoner participants.

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