An empirical study of marketing and strategy problems in social media and digital marketing

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Dr. Ruchi Singhal , Dr. A. Narasima Venkatesh , Ms. Jayashri Dhondiram Hatakar , Dr. R.SASIKALA , Dr. R Akila


In the modern era of digitalization, business market and organizations are involved with social media as well as digital mediator marketing and the purpose of branding.  The way of marketing or advertising through social media currently is innovative nature of any kind of business. Social media advertisement is a very easy process to reach the customer and explore a brand, product, or any kind of business service. But in this time of modern technology social media business platforms are also facing some challenges and problems. The strategy of the digital marketing process is affected by some lack of business management. In this time of high business market competition, digital marketing or online marketing procedure also face various issues such as authentic connections, genuine platforms, limitations of advertisement platforms, the active user, and others. The nature of digital marketing or online marketing challenges is increasing due to less engagement number and user inactivity. Major reasons for the marketing strategy problem in digital or social media are described properly in this particular analysis paper.

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