Moral And Leagl Implications Of Human Rights With Respect To Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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Nandini , Kwthar Debbarma , Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat , Dr. Radhey Shyam Jha , Dr. Vaibhav Uniyal , Alankar Upadhyay , Hitesh Bhatt


The upcoming world is brimming with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with this the major issue of human rights getting violated is also immerging, owing to which people are running to prevent their harassment from the authorities. The paper gives a purview from the bird’s eye of the history of how the split of Soviet Union happen, how the border conflict originated, how the rights accorded by United Nations are being infringed due to ongoing crisis, concern for asylum. The paper also pours light on basic war principles and the accountability of the aggressor state. A brief discussion about the War crimes witnessed by history and accountability of aggressor with respect to protection of civilians and civilian objects, protection of media, hospitals and also about the various conventions and protocols that works as ombudsman with respect to the data updating and collection. And how besides an example of World War II still there is a lack of an effective organization to manage such situations and the need for stricter control to maintain the status quo are discussed in a short a crisp manner.

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