The Economic Factors That Determine Students’ Academic Performance In Ethiopian Higher Education: Dambi Dollo University In Focus

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Kidane Alemu , Mosisa Dechasa , Shemshedin Mohamed , Eshetu Beyene


Modern economic growth the direct and indirect relate of human capital which in turn comes from education, training, research and development. Therefore, Using cross-sectional data drawn from sampled students in undergraduate programs in Dambi Dollo University during second semester of 2019 academic year, the study assessed and identified the major economic determinants of students’ academic performance and success. The regression results consistently found significant effect of student’s parental income, student average pocket money and student financial constraint on students’ academic performance measured in Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). With regard to student academic success, the marginal effects of the Logit estimates revealed that higher parental income and higher students’ average monthly income will increase the likelihood of student academic success. While the more financially constrained the student is, the higher will be the likelihood of the academic failures. The findings are reliable and dependable at 95% confidence interval and 5% level of significance; and thus should get appropriate policy action from the university.Fifurther researches are required to look at the effects non-economic determinants (environmental, psychological, social, etc.) on students’ academic performance and success.

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