Ho Chi Minh's Ideology Of Revolutionary Moral Education For Young People: From Perspective To Reality

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Duyen Thi Thuy NGUYEN, Tri Minh NGUYEN


President Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) - National Liberation Hero, Outstanding Cultural House of Vietnam. His whole life and career is an exemplary model of revolutionary morality for generations of Vietnamese people to study and follow. Paying attention to the education of revolutionary morality for the young generation, building a class of Vietnamese youth "both pink and professional" is an important content in his thought about caring for and fostering the revolutionary generation for life. President Ho Chi Minh said that the future of the nation, the future of the Fatherland, and the success of the revolution largely depend on the youth force. He pointed out: "Can the mountains of Vietnam become beautiful or not, whether the Vietnamese people can step up to the glory to compete with the great powers of the five continents, thanks in large part to the study children's" (Minh, 2000, vol 4, p.33). The article presents the basic content of ideology on revolutionary moral education for young people and its application in moral education for Vietnamese youth today.

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