Impact Of Test Anxiety And Results On Students

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Eglantina Kraja Bardhi , Denis Celcima , Vjollca Pllana Shahini


Introduction: facing stressful situations, in general, is very widespread, but it is quite specific for students in the period when they face anxiety from knowledge assessment tests.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the relationship between test anxiety and students' success in the test.

Methodology: the study population is 165 students from two primary and lower secondary schools in the Gjakova region. 80 students were from 6th grade [42 (52.5%) female and 38 (47.5%) male], while 85 students were from 9th grade [41 (48.2%) female and 44 (51.8%) male].

Results: in 6th-grade students - from one week before the test to one day before the test, the level of test anxiety was high in 42.5% of students, and in 9th-grade students, it was 33%. Based on the findings, there are differences in the level of test anxiety regarding the time frame of taking the test.

Conclusions: the confrontation of students with the phenomenon of test anxiety is quite widespread, especially during exam periods. It is suggested that evidence be made in schools, so that the students who have the most expressed level of anxiety from the test, start with the appropriate treatments. Also, it is proposed to employ psychologists in schools, to help students who face this difficult situation that can negatively affect their school and academic achievements.

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