Gender Performativity Of BTS Member Among “Army” Senior High School Student In Surakarta

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Nur’aini Inayah , Arif Aris Mundayat , Yuyun Sunesti


BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondon) is a boy band from South Korea that can attract the attention of the international entertainment industry. BTS can also give a new color to Army life, especially for fans aged 15-18 years. Thus, this study aims to analyze the experiences of Army in senior high school students in Surakarta regarding BTS performances. The researchers attempted to see how the performance of BTS could affect the gender views of senior high school students in Surakarta. The theory used to analyze the findings was the performativity theory of Judith Butler. Gender is formed based on what is seen, then interpreted and normalized within an individual. The research method employed was qualitative with a phenomenological approach. Through this method, the researchers analyzed the verbal data collected using a questionnaire and then deepened it through in-depth interviews. The researchers also tried to explore data from the experiences of informants and the effect while watching BTS performances on their actions. The results uncovered a change in the meaning of masculinity among senior high school students. They interpreted masculinity as a softer form than the previous concept of masculinity. The meaning of the gender of BTS members among teenagers is formed based on the appearance of movement, fashion, and the nature displayed in various entertainment programs. In addition, BTS can also carry out a gender undoing process through a campaign against toxic masculinity. Undoing gender process is expected to have a positive impact on awareness of gender equality among teenager.

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