An Analysis Of Consumer Electronics Products To Determine The Impact Of Digital Marketing On Customer Purchasing Behaviour

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R. Dhivya , Govind Shinde , Bapurao Mayappa Bandgar , C M Velu , Adiseshaiah Sade , Yadala Sucharitha


Researchers in the field of management nowadays place a heavy emphasis on the study of digital marketing. In this research, we demonstrate a connection between "Digital Marketing" and consumers' purchasing habits. Studying consumer habits is a marketing classic. The study of consumer behaviour in the marketplace, often known as marketing psychology, is often considered marketing's foundation. In the past five years, digital marketing has been shown to have a major impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. This study examines the factors that influence consumers' decisions to purchase electronic goods and how those factors relate to consumers' purchasing habits as a whole. The study's overarching goal is to better understand what influences consumers' decisions to purchase consumer electronics. Some popular electrical goods are the topic of this research.

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