The Effect Of E-Collaborative Learning Environment On Development Of Critical Thinking And Higher Order Thinking Skills

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Samar Mohammed Alharbi , Abdellah Ibrahim Elfeky , Ebtsam Sultan Ahmed


Achieving many learning outcomes needs to go beyond the classroom's four walls into other areas, such e-collaborative learning that involves online social interactions among learners. Therefore, in order to investigates if this alternative is effect on some learning outcomes, the purpose of this study is to expose the impact of E-collaborative learning environment on development of critical thinking and higher order thinking skills. The experiment was conducted on female students of kindergarten department who were randomly assigned to two equal groups. The main study instruments were a critical thinking scale and a higher order thinking skills test. Results showed that E-collaborative learning environment had significant and positive effect on development of critical thinking of 1st group, that mediated by define and adjust variables, hypothesis testing, and reasoning. Results showed also that the difference in grades of female students in 1st group that was taught via E-collaborative learning and 2st group that taught via E-individual learning in higher order thinking skills was statistically significant in favor of the first group.

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