Esp-Eap Considerations And Comparative Analysis Of Communication Skills For Bachelor Of Interior Design

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Mr. Pradyumansinh Y Raj , Dr. Pawan Dwivedi


Growing internationalization has made English Communication Skills a necessity for employees, entrepreneurs and independent practitioners. As a result, English Communication Skills as a subject plays crucial role in the curriculum of tertiary education. Delving further, the same subject is designed as per the requirement of the students, the course and the employers. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) focuses on same need based English Language Teaching (ELT) which means ESP Syllabus emphasizes on practical aspects of language teaching for respective field. ESP – English for Academic Purposes (EAP) syllabus is expected to have specific aspects of language and teaching mentioned by researchers like Robinson (1991), Hutchinson and Waters (1991), Long and Crookes (1992), Ken Heyland (2006), Jordan (2012). For literature review studies and publications by these researchers have been considered to understand criteria of EAP syllabus. To evaluate the current scenario of the same, syllabus of Communication Skills offered in the undergraduate course Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) at 16 different Universities of Gujarat has been taken into consideration for this study. The findings of this research would be helpful for further research in the domain of syllabus design, teaching and evaluation in ESP so that students learn desired English language skills. 

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