Information Behavior Through Islamic Religious Leader’s Newspaper In Fulfilling Their Needs For Information

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Ahmad Tamrin Sikumbang


This study deals with information search behavior through Islamic religious leader’s newspaper in fulfilling their needs for information. It is intended to understand the behavior of Islamic religious leaders. This study is conducted by qualitative method with emphasis on interpretive and naturalistic analysis of a phenomenon under the study which is referring to social processes, meaning making, and understanding. The finding shows that there are three behavior components found. First, values ​​(beliefs) or views found that there are various values ​​(beliefs) or views among Islamic religious leaders about boundaries or understanding of information. This does not mean to generalize (because it cannot be generalized) that if a study of other subjects or objects is carried out the results are ensured as well, but in the context of this research the results are indeed the same. Second, attitudes showed that the importance of information through newspapers, among the importance of information through the newspaper is to know various events or events, for learning and alertness, to be processed and then used to help solve various problems in order to exist, to add insight and shape behavior in addressing life, to add insight and scientific treasures, and to find out various actual events that develop. Regarding the truth about information, clarification needs to be done in various forms, such as confirmation, re-checking (check and check), and so on. Third, motives and goals found that the motives and objectives of information searching through newspapers that is to add insight, compare knowledge and obtain useful new information.

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