Prospects And Pitfalls In Marketing Of Food Products In Chennai City

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In the field of food technology, there is only a small use of market analysis in developing nations, which makes it difficult to describe issues and turn up with suitable solutions. Many research initiatives aiming at enhancing food products or reducing malnutrition are launched in the lack of adequate data on the target market. The consumption for the processed food products has been growing at a steady rate as of late. The local industrial units, provide a negligible portion to the state's market for processed foods. The state government has implemented a number of programmes with the goal of bolstering the food processing business. The objectives of the Study was to analyze various factors considered by the consumers while buying food products, to measure the satisfaction of the consumers of selected food products and to study the problems of the consumers .The study has been carried out in Chennai City. It is a descriptive study made to analyze the consumer behaviour, satisfaction and problem in using the food products. 300 sample respondents have been selected using convenient sampling method. The data from the respondents have been collected through the interview schedule. For analyzing the data, factor analysis, paired sample t test and Friedman test are applied.

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